From : Spindler, Arno: Der Handelskrieg mit U-Booten, Band V,
Frankfurt/Main, 1966, page 415.

Verlustliste : A list of the crew of U 92 in September 1918 on her last cruise.

- this is : Unterseeboot-Maschinisten-Anwaerter Wilhelm Koerver.
     He was the brother of my father’s father – my grand-uncle, born in Obermerz, 50 km west of Cologne, the 31.08.1900 into a modest peasant family . They were with 13 children at home, 6 girls and 7 boys, born between 1885 and 1907. 6 of these 7 boys did serve in the First World War.
     Wilhelm started his last voyage on board of U 92 from Emden in the week after his 18th birthday. His brother Josef Koerver (my Grandfather, 1894 - 1968) had already been taken prisoner by the French in 1916. His brother Peter had fallen in Flanders in August 1917 with 19 years. His mother, Anna Maria Koerver, had died shortly after that in November 1917, age 56. His brothers Johannn, Franz, and August were still serving in the army.
     Wilhelm Koerver never came back and was declared “missed”. In 1941 he was officially declared “dead” : “Todesursache : Untergang des Unterseebootes ‘U 92’, Atlantischer Ozean zwischen Shetlandinseln und Norwegen”.