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The North Sea

General Chart of North Sea

General Chart of German Bight

The Flemish Coast

North Sea Actions of the High Sea Fleet 1914-1918

Scarborough Raid:
Dec. 16th, 1914

Jutland, May 31st:
The Opening Phase

Jutland, May 31st:
The Main Action

Jutland, May 31st/June 1st:
The Return of the High Sea Fleet

Deciphered German Fleet W/T messages from Room 40
via the Admiralty Operations Division to the
British Fleet C-in-C in the Battle of Jutland (NA, HW 7/1, p. 377-379)




The Sortie of August 19th, 1916

The Sortie of April 23rd-25th, 1918

Disposition of Submarines
October 30th 31st, 1918

The Baltic

General Chart of Baltic, showing Routes

Baltic W/T Subdivisions

Submarine Practise Area

General Chart of Sound and Belt

Little Belt Defences

Sound Defences

West Baltic Defences and Submarine Tracks

The Gulf of Bothnia

Baltic Operations of the High Sea Fleet

Riga, Oct. 1917:
The Advance

Riga, Oct. 1917:
The Protection of Tagga Bay

Riga, Oct. 1917:
The Forcing of Irben Straits

Riga, Oct. 1917:
The Northern Operation

Kattegat Cruises of Special Service Ships

East Baltic Routes 1918

The Gulf of Finland shewing Routes

Finnish Operation April1918